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 Apple should repay Ireland 13bn euros, European Commission rules      Chinese embassy blast: Car bomb attack in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan      Topless Marianne remark by PM Manuel Valls stirs French row      'Racist school hair rules' suspended at SA's Pretoria Girls High      Somalia truck bomb targets Mogadishu's SYL Hotel      TTIP in further doubt as Hollande questions timing      Aboriginal mum posts daughter's 'whiteface' photos      Mel Brooks leads tributes to Gene Wilder      California closes legal loophole after Stanford assault      Geologists search for Anthropocene 'golden spike'      Nepal bans Indian police pair for 'fake' Everest climb      Baby sea lion dies after possible 4,000km wrong turn      Drone captures stunning view of Uluru      'I didn't know drinking would harm my child'      Migrant crisis: 'They couldn't wait... they threw themselves into the water'      US Election: Battleground state Ohio voters share their views      Apple tax move praised by Nobel winner      Yemen hit by suicide bombing 'carnage' in Aden      Man arrested in China 'Ripper' case      Taylor Swift misses awards for jury duty      New Zealand police investigate theft of 500 cows      Burger tribute for Russian protest artist Pavlensky      Austria road works unearth mammoth discovery      Dubai ruler's spot check finds empty desks      Jumpy Americans      Pro-Trump trolls      Pantomime farce?       Washing puzzle      'Gorillas over people'      Forgotten pioneer      'Real and relatable'      Tashkent truth     
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